Sausalito Window Replacement

Sausalito is a beautiful city right by the ocean at the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge that attracts people from all over the bay. Sausalito is also the center of many houseboat locations, fishing areas, tourist attractions and art festivals. The weather in Sausalito is cool almost all year and benefits from refreshing ocean breezes. Sausalito has built a reputation for outdoor events, education, community development, and artistic beauty and talent.  Events such as Jazz and \Blues by … [Read more...]

Friends are like your Windows

"Friends are like windows through which you see out into the world and back into yourself... If you don't have friends you see much less than you otherwise might." Merle Shain I have found this to be particularly relevant to my life. I spent a considerable amount of time traveling when I was young, and noticed an astronomical difference in the speed of my own development when I had a stable group of friends to share my ideas with. I feel like your home windows are a very good comparison, because … [Read more...]

Fogged glass in double pane windows

Fogged double paned windows are a direct result of a failure in the IG (insulated glazing) unit. The IG unit is two separate glass units joined together  by a sealant. If the sealant fails, by expanding and contracting can cause the separation of the glass panes and allow moisture, which usually collects in the lower part of a window, to infiltrate in between the glass panes. Once moisture has infiltrate the IG unit, the foggy appearance is there to stay. Often at times the window can sag on … [Read more...]