Fiberglass Windows

Due to their unique composition, fiberglass withstands changes in temperature and pressure. Made from glass fibers, fiberglass is non-conductive and acts as an insulator, much like the fiberglass insulation that is present in many walls. The material also protects the interior of the home from temperature changes from the weather outside.

Fiberglass has many different advantages, including cost. Our fiberglass windows cost 30% less than most wood windows. Upkeep also tends to cost much less for fiberglass windows than wooden windows, as they hold up better to various types of weather, including ultraviolet sunlight, wind, rain, and general exposure.

Fiberglass expands and contracts at the same rate as window glass, nearly eliminating the possibility of stress cracks and seal failures. They are extremely durable and strong, so they work well for very large windows. Fiberglass will not decay or rot like wood, and will not crack, rust, or pit, like aluminum windows may. They do not need to be painted, and can often look much like wood, if that is desirable.

Windows provide a view of the outdoors, but they can also let in heat and cold. Fiberglass windows and doors are developed with energy efficiency as a top priority. Industry-leading design and superior craftsmanship make fiberglass windows and doors among the most energy-efficient available.

A San Francisco regulation stipulates that windows on the front of a house must be fiberglass. When replacing your front windows in San Francisco, we can help you find fiberglass windows that go with the style of your home and the shape of your windows. Fiberglass windows also come in a variety of colors, depending on what would be best for your home.

All of our windows and doors are double pane, and Low-E2. Low-E2 means that there are two coatings of a metallic oxide which blocks the heat from outside. In addition, we have argon gas between the panes of our windows, to create maximum performance and minimal energy loss. You can lower costs by up to nearly 40% by reducing heat loss as compared to using single pane windows.

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