Fogged glass in double pane windows

Fogged double paned windows are a direct result of a failure in the IG (insulated glazing) unit. The IG unit is two separate glass units joined together  by a sealant. If the sealant fails, by expanding and contracting can cause the separation of the glass panes and allow moisture, which usually collects in the lower part of a window, to infiltrate in between the glass panes. Once moisture has infiltrate the IG unit, the foggy appearance is there to stay.

Often at times the window can sag on one side or the other creating the leak in the IG unit which also may result in mold in the surrounding framework.

A1 Quality Windows is an authorized dealer for Milgard, Simonton, Cascade, Tru Frame, Integrity, and many others.  All manufacturers now offer a lifetime warranty and our window company has a limited lifetime warranty for the installation.   Therefore you are covered both ways.

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