Vinyl Windows

When it comes to window replacement, there are many testimonial choices to consider, but vinyl is generally considered the best value. Vinyl windows are popular for many reasons, including their energy efficiency, easy installation, and the little or no maintenance needed. Vinyl window replacement is recommended for anyone who is trying to make their home more energy efficient.

We also install wood, aluminum and fiberglass windows as well!

One of the best understood pros of vinyl windows is their extremely effective ability for insulation. Vinyl is known for being able to keep heat in during the winter, while also keeping the home comfortably cool during the summer. Vinyl framing insulates the home and keeps windows airtight better than wood or aluminum framing, the two other major options available for window framing.

In addition to being airtight, vinyl windows have a very high insulating ability. They are made from a polymer called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC has a very high R-value. This R-value is a quantifiable way of assessing the magnitude of insulation provided by a specific material. This insulation helps keep your home comfortable all year, without the high power bills that are so common during extreme weather. When vinyl window framing is used along with double-pane glass, the cost savings of insulating vinyl windows can be extremely substantial and help homeowners out with the costs of keeping their home comfortable.

testimonial Some people are concerned about how vinyl windows will affect the environment. Our vinyl windows are recyclable, letting anyone who is concerned about the environmental impact of windows and other construction materials feel good about their purchase. In addition, the vinyl windows last for an extremely long time, creating less need for replacement in the future, and therefore, less waste.

Vinyl windows not only last a long time, but require almost zero maintenance once they are expertly installed. Their durable surfaces are already finished, stained, and sealed, and will never need sanding, painting, or touch-ups. They will not crack, pit, flack, or fade, even when exposed to sunlight, rain, and snow. In addition, vinyl window frames resist stains, dirt, mold, dents, and scratches.

These truly are the perfect windows: increased comfort, easy operation, energy efficiency, value, low maintenance, and insulating power. In addition to all of these, we’ll even provide a lifetime guarantee!

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